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alias vmoff_with_muzzleflash "viewmodel_fov 70; r_drawviewmodel 0"

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since a couple of people have asked my cfg i'll post them here

scout and pretty much for other classes
bind 1 "slot1;r_drawviewmodel 0;viewmodel_fov 0" 
bind 2 "slot2;r_drawviewmodel 0;viewmodel_fov 0" 
bind 3 "slot3;r_drawviewmodel 1;viewmodel_fov 72" 

bind mouse1 +attack
bind mouse2 +attack2

bind capslock +quickswitch
sensitivity "2.70"
bind 1 "slot1;r_drawviewmodel 0;viewmodel_fov 0" 
bind 2 "slot2;r_drawviewmodel 1;viewmodel_fov 72" 
bind 3 "slot3;r_drawviewmodel 1;viewmodel_fov 72" 

bind "f" "say_team ***FAKING UBER***; voicemenu 1 7"
bind mouse2 "+attack2; say_team U*B*E*R*E*D; randomvoice"
bind mouse1 "+attack"

alias "randomvoice" "random1"    
alias "random1" "voicemenu 2 1;alias randomvoice random2"
alias "random2" "voicemenu 2 2;alias randomvoice random3"
alias "random3" "voicemenu 2 3;alias randomvoice random4"
alias "random4" "voicemenu 2 4;alias randomvoice random5"
alias "random5" "voicemenu 2 5;alias randomvoice random6"
alias "random6" "voicemenu 2 6;alias randomvoice random7"
alias "random7" "voicemenu 2 7;alias randomvoice random1"

bind capslock +quickswitch

sensitivity "2.95"

bind o kill

alias "forwardspawn_random" "join_class "random"; alias "forwardspawn_toggle" "forwardspawn_medic""
alias "forwardspawn_medic" "join_class "medic"; alias "forwardspawn_toggle" "forwardspawn_random"
alias "forwardspawn_toggle" "forwardspawn_random"

bind "F1" "forwardspawn_toggle"
random voice is hopefully to cover the sound when med pops uber in case my stupid middle finger accidentally hits right mouse, if the other team aren't present they probably won't notice. that's stolen from na's sigma.

cycle spawn is for obvious reasons, stolen from eu's chris and na's cb

I do use pvh's null-canceling movement script and a mechanical keyboard

bind to annoy pipes
bind "F3" "gl"
alias gl "say GL HF GG"
cus he's mad when im too lazy to actually type in game
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alright theres been some arguments with people in the clan about using a script to crouch and jump at the same time. Is it a bad thing, what are the disadvantages of using one? if someone could clarify for me itd be greatly appreciated.

alias "+jumpeh" "+jump; +duck"
alias "-jumpeh" "-duck; -jump"
bind "mouse2" "+jumpeh"

thats what i use.
thanks in advance
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Probably depends a lot on which class you are playing.

For all classes, duckjumping in places with low ceilings (eg: dustbowl lower tunnel attacking last point) will cause you to land in a duck pose, resulting in slow movement until you unduck.

As a scout, I found that using a duck jump script would prevent me from getting maximum height on a boston basher jump.

I'm sure some soldier/demo jump nerds can list some specific situations that may suffer as a result of duckjumping, as this is way outside my area of expertise.
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yeah sorry, it works for all classes but i play soli in comp.
thanks for the reply.
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