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I've been lagging on the OzFortress servers hosted by infinite.net.au for as long as I can remember. I'm on Bigpond cable in Sydney with no issues to any other servers.

Playing on the Infinite hosted servers is similar to playing on WA servers. I experience:
Lag when firing
Delay before players and engineer buildings appear on my screen
Awkward hit rego
Warping on model collision
Ping fluctuates between 30 to 60.



Speedtest to Canberra
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I have sent this through to our networking guys to take a look at it.

The dilemma we have is Telstra/Bigpond refuse to peer with anyone - this issue does not occur with any other ISP, nor do most ISPs use this specific path.

There is currently no solution unless you want to donate money to us so we can buy bandwidth directly from telstra, move isps, or wait till we finish our migration away from eftel. We're hoping to have it done in about a month.

Long story short: telstra is not friendly towards other isps.
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I get this to, I thought it was a problem on my end... Good/bad to see it being somewhat consistant
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