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Our free mumble service is back up and running. This thread is for teams which would like to re-initiate their service with us. If you previously had a free mumble with ozfortress, I'd love to get it back up and running with the same details as what you had before. New teams can also request a server here.

You must be part of an ozfortress team listed here with at least 6 members to be applicable for an ozfortress mumble server. This is due to people abusing the service in the past by creating a team for themselves or joining/leaving a team to score a free server.

Send me a private message with the below form filled out. I'll initiate your server as soon as I see your reply. Whoever posts will be made the default administrator of the teams' mumble server.
Server name: (if you previously had an ozfortress mumble)
IP address/port: (if you previously had an ozfortress mumble)
Password: (optional. i'll set a random password if left blank)
For team: (link your warzone team here)
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