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ozfortress Mentor Program

Mentor Program Guidelines

Feresar's TF2 Guide

Navigating ozfortress
An Introduction to Competitive TF2
Indepth Class Guide: Medic


HOW TO: Get into competitive TF2! by valk
HOW TO: Get Good by Bowt
My Gaming Edge video archive by various
HOW TO: Getting online with mIRC by micko
GUIDE: ozfortress leagues and competitions by valk
GUIDE: Learning TF2 by Anonymous
The Scrub by Sirlin
coL.Jaeger Instructional Videos
Ask a Question: State of mind while playing?
Ask a Question: A question about raw technique

Configs and scripting

Ask A Question: Viewmodels and Scripts
Ask a Question: Low Graphics - Advantage ?
Ask a Question: DirectX 8 for comp play?
Ask a Question: Closed captions


HOW TO: Guide to Communication by No Mercy
Momentum in TF2 by Sigma
Breaking It Down - Vol 1. by amd
Question about scouts capping combo pushing by Bowt
Clan -A- mumble recording by amd
Ask a Question: Dealing with bombing soldiers?
Ask a Question: Rotating core and backups ?
Ask a Question: Vent/Mumble recordings from high div teams ?
Ask a Question: Aggressive or Passive at mid ?
Ask A Question: Playing against much higher level teams



Indepth Class Guide: Medic by Feresar
koth_viaduct Medic Tutorial by eXtine
Ask A Question: Medic Loadout ?
Ask a Question: Medic rollout heal order - buffing scouts?
Ask A Question: Medic Heal Order (post rollout)
Ask A Question: Calling as a medic ?
Ask a Question: Defensive uber - when to pop ?
Ask A Question: Basic Advice when moving from Medic to other classes?
Ask a Question: Medic uber tracking and mind games tips?
Ask A Question: Medic spawn repositioning - how?
Ask a Question: Medic positioning
Ask a Question: Kritzkreig
Ask a Question: Qualities and skills that makes up a div1 standard medic
Medic POV - request for advice/tips by Spitty


Demoman: cp_granary/cp_badlands rollout tips by Nerfed
"dj's demoman roundtable"
"dj's demoman roundtable" - European Remix
Ask A Question: Pain train (demoman) - standard issue ?
Ask a Question: Demoman assistance with fundamentals
Ask a Question: Being unpredictable (demoman)
Ask a Question: Scottish Resistance on last?
Ask a Question: Demoman badlands rollout/mid tips
Ask a Question Forum: Demoman Calling damage
Ask a Question: Granary middle/pushing generally as a demoman
Ask a Question: Granary Rollout: Demoman Offensive and Defensive


Soldier: cp_badlands rollout tips by Nesk
dj's Roam Soldier Roundtable
Ask A Question: The Primary Soldier
Ask A Question: Soldier - Improving aim ?
Ask a Question: Solider - falling back tips
Ask A Question: Learning Soldier - Jump Servers ?
Ask A Question: Soldier melee weapon of choice ?
Ask a Question: Newbie solider tips
Ask A Question: Using players(soldier) as a distraction ?
Ask A Question: Ammo Rationing as scout


GUIDE: Scout
by Anonymous
Scout: cp_badlands rollout tips by rep
Ask A Question: Tips for more consistant scout aim?
Ask A Question: Scout tips on cp_granary
Ask A Question: Competitive Sniper
Ask a Question: Scout making plays
Ask a Question: Playing multiple classes?
Ask a Question: Scout deathmatching
Ask A Question: Do you have to be able to snipe if you are a Scout ?
Ask a Question: Trading lives as a scout
Ask A Question: Ammo Rationing as scout



Forward Defending Badlands Last by Bowt
Uber advantage attacking spire by Bowt
Ask a Question: cp_badlands retaking spire from last
Ask a Question: Dealing with jumpers at badlands mid
Ask a Question: Dealing with valley rollout on cp_badlands
Ask A Question: Pushing from badlands mid
Ask a Question: Defending granary/courtyard, badlands/corner
Ask a Question: badlands mid tips/assistance?
Ask A Question: Holding badlands corner (and holding vs falling in general) ?

Granary last with players, not uber, advantage. by No Mercy
Ask a Question: cp_granary holding last after being td at mid
Ask a Question: Granary mid - countering garage rollout ?
Ask A Question: Pushing Granary last ?
Ask A Question: cp_granary: protecting demoman vs aggressive scouts ?


Ask a Question: viaduct strats ?


Gpit B Hold by Bowt
video walkthrough - SoD gravelpit soldier by Son of Dad
Ask a Question: Attacking Gravelpit C vs heavy
Ask a Question: Gravelpit strats
Ask A Question: Dealing with a protected sniper (gravel and ashville)?


Ask a Question: Aggressive rollout ideas for cp_freight_final
Ask a Question: Pushing freight_final last
Ask a Question: cp_freight - defending cp2 vs a sniper push


Map Analysis: cp_pro_dustbowl by No Mercy


Ask a Question: Ultiduo tactics on koth_ultiduo ?
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