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I am a regular user of the concmap server and i would like to request a new map rotation.
Some maps i personally would like to see removed from the current rotation is esad_strafe jump_strafe, jump_strafe2, quad_rocket3 midairtfc_sam, stfu_and_climb, concmap_exist and both conc_speed maps.
To take there place i would like to see conc_groove 1 2 and 3 conc_strafe 1 2 and 4, esad_speedconc, esad_marioconc, concmap_rax and multizkillz2.
Thats just me though but the current rotation is getting stale.
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conc_speed and conc_speed2 will NEVER be removed from the map rotation.
koochy will hunt merk down and kill him if they r removed.
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good, then he can finish the drawings he started for me >:)

/me goes off to remove them
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poor edward :<
TFC is best Fortress
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I was just wondering what happened to the conc map server?

It was running a few weeks ago and now its not up.

Also the ozfortress community server is annoying as it dosnt allow u to join with out the map .bsp files and i think that happens with every map in its rotation.

Are there plans to bring a conc map server up? if there is a server up y cant i see it on the server list?

cheers Gizza
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