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Contact Name: aishou
Aiming for Division: inter / prem
Classes: Scout (preferably combo but i can flank as well)
Previous teams: currently in burger apocalypse as flank scout, in the midst of asiafortress cup 11 division 1 grand finals, to be decided.
Availability: unavailable during tuesdays and quite seldomly saturday but free for the rest of the week.
Other Info: started 6s 8months ago and always looking to improve, watched some professional matches that got me hooked into 6s. I ping about 100 to 130ping in aussie servers ( im from singapore ). I am able to take criticism well and im committed to the game.

You can contact me by adding me on steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/AiShou36 , or add me on discord : AiShou#6656

Thanks =)
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