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Pool B only:

Post here any any thoughts and feedback you have regarding your map picked after you have played your CFL round match.

Prefered Format:
· Rating: (1-5)
· Likes:
· Dislikes:
· Map Played:
· Did your team lose: (yes/no)
· Would You like to see this map in future ozfortress comps?:

Notes: any player is invited to voice their opinion, would appreciate team captains offering their opinions.
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opinion based on pub/pug play


pros: really different playstyle
deathmatching at its best, a lot of scrambled play
lots of class possibilities
good use of height to help teams push cap
good use of blind corners to push teams around
spawn times are really quick, aiding dm ability more so than strategic
strategic pushes have to be executed quickly, and have to be thorough.

cons: med really gets smashed in these games, no real need if both teams are of the same dm capability
rocks in middle are impossible to hit scouts on :|
cant really see a demo being of much use considering space

would like to see in comp play


definitely an improvement. defense can actually hold an area and have slight advantage on last.
sentries are sort of negated however as players can get closer and see it from further away.
changed sections look good, even on crummy dx8
second cap dynamics are awesome. hold positions are different, and where holding back on second was possible before, the cap now rewards offenses who get to the back half of second
still reckon capping back from last is a hard task, but its definetely improved. the map now dictates which positions you have to assume possession of before capping out that second cap.

would like to see in comp play
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Originally Posted by Antiphon View Post
cons: med really gets smashed in these games, no real need if both teams are of the same dm capabilityy
yeah, the US encountered that problem a crapton (of medics getting raped over and over) as well iirc
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Prefered Format:
· Rating: (1-5) 4.5
· Likes: dont want to go into too much detail, but its still got the old freight feel, mid point is more rewarding to smart, aggressive play.
· Dislikes: solly/demo rollout is a little slower now, if there was a health pack within quicker grasp it would be faster, the small health that is on the steps near the "driveway" left from 2nd cp could be closer to the door which would make a huge difference. It can get a little stalematey defending 2nd/last harder to recap/ harder to push last.
· Map Played: cp_freight_final1
· Did your team lose: (yes/no) yes
· Would You like to see this map in future ozfortress comps?: most definately
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