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Multi-Clan Connection Thread

This thread is designed to connect players to teams where there are spots available in the event a team has 4-5 players interested in playing but the rest of the team is not. This thread is also designed to give players where their team is not entering the competition but wish's to compete.
Teams Looking for Players:

If your a team and your looking for a couple of players to multi clan follow this post:

Team Name:
Looking for player Class:

Team Name: Team A
Looking for player Classs: Scout, Soldier and Medic
Contact: Chat to blah at #teamA or www . teamA.com or add blah at steamcommunity. com

Players Looking for teams:

If your a player and your looking your looking for a team to multi clan in follow this post:

TF2 nickname:
IRC nickname (if used or if different):
Internet Connection:
Classes / Positions (don't say everything. whats your best):
Clan your playing for in current ozfortress Comps (if any):
Other Info / Contact:
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