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Applications have closed and proposed transfers have been considered.
Below are the Accepted and Denied transfers for the thirds transfer window.

Accepted Applications:

Division 1
Ads_b: joining Th
feresar: leaving SYF joining BOB
Division 2
Havoc MD: leaving 2166 joining dk
Division 3
K1infran: joining vF
Corrupt: joining NightShift
thisnamedoesntf: joining winterfall
Division 4
Stever/Ss: leaving BJ&H joining uT
Randy: leaving SG joining dialUp
Kobe: joining dialUp
Quote: joining m.
sqrl: leaving TD joining SG
Division 5
Spiffy: joining ONS
: joining pubxp
Fullon: joining TD
Division 6
Glade Lavender Meadow: joining GHB
Hutch: joining Amigmar
Denied Applications:
risky: joining pubxp
Moody: joining Spamdemic
Shooter: joining Amigmar
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