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How to Sign up
To sign your team up to compete in the ozfl, please follow the following steps:
  1. If your team is not already registered on ozfortress, please do so here (If your team is already registered on ozfortress, you can skip to step 3)
  2. Get your team members to sign up to your registered team here (Only team members who are registered on ozfortress are eligible to play for your team in the ozfl!)
  3. All players need to have their steam ids in their account, they can add their steam id here.
  4. Once you have at least six (6) members signed up for your team, reply to this thread with the following:
    • Team Name:
    • Clan Registration Link: found here
    • No. of Active Members:
You may sign up at any time!!

Make sure you read section 7 of the rules before applying.
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Team Name: DTD
Clan Registration Link: http://ozfortress.com/clan.php?do=viewclan&clanid=1330
No. of Active Members: 6+
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Team Name: Bikey Boyz
Clan Registration Link: http://ozfortress.com/clan.php?do=viewclan&clanid=1348
No. of Active Members: currently 6, expected to increase
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Team Name: Sunday Sesh
Clan Registration Link: http://ozfortress.com/clan.php?do=viewclan&clanid=1140
No. of Active Members: 6, plenty of lads.
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nKH!.6Maxx Maxx is offline aka MaxxPain
Team Name: No Kids Here Sixers!
Clan Registration Link: http://ozfortress.com/clan.php?do=viewclan&clanid=1368
No. of Active Members: currently 9, a few more to add.
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Team name: CareBear Squad
Clan Registration Link: http://ozfortress.com/clan.php?do=viewclan&clanid=1426
No. of Active Members: Currently 6, planning on getting more.
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