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Lots of work to do so i gotta keep this short and simple.

After watching a few trailers of this game on steam I decided to Pre order it. It reminded me quite a bit of Fable, the only good one, the first one. To my satisfaction, after playing it for a few hours it hit me that this game was fucking amazing. It brought back a ton of nostalgia from when I was a kid playing Fable, leading villagers by hand out of town, slaughtering them and going back to loot their houses. I am going to go ahead and say that this game is the offspring of Fable 1 having a 3way with Oblivion and Dragon Age.

The games story is very indepth and absorbing.The game world revolves around fate. Fateweavers read the stings of fate and can tell exactly when and how someone will die. Everyone in the world is aware of fate and generally already know of their death and that it is unavoidable. Then you come along, after being brought back to life by a gnome for some reason, you've already died once from fate killing you off but now your back, and you have a few things to say to Mr. Fate. As you have already died there is no string in the weavings of fate that follow you and show your path. You are fateless and there is no set future for you. You are able to set your own future, this leads to you going around and fucking up everyone elses future by saving their lives or killing someone that was never ment to die etc.

The games world is huge involving over 5 different areas with lots of unique monsters to kill to absorb their sweet nutritional fate. There are 4 guilds you can find yourself doing quests for along side the main quest and the hundreds of side quests you will find in each zone giving hours of gameplay. Quests generally go for a pragon/renegade style giving replay value as you either play a massive dickhead or a saviour of the people. The world map feels a bit like an MMO, with mobs scaling in different zones and quests taking you to areas of your respected level. The graphics are very similar to Fable but obviously much better. Some of the environments are stunning and have you staring at huge waterfalls while brownies are trying to eat your face (No im not racist its a mob in the game, the best mob). GIANT PICTURE TIME!

Every game needs a world tree.

Combat in the game is extremely well done, fights play out smoothly and you will never want to avoid mobs due to repetitive combat, you will find yourself hunting down every fucking brownie in a zone before you are fully satisfied with yourself. All the classes can choose from 3 different weapons each with their own awesome combos. The move sets all work together for each class and the 3 tree talent systems (Might,finess,sorcery) open up great multi classing and skill builds. The only thing i find myself hating in this game is that the combat can be a little too easy, atleast with full might that my character is atm. I have had to put the game on hard since I started to out level zones before I had even reached them yet. Even on hard the game still feels like it is somewhere between easy and normal. Not really a bad thing but the game isn't that challenging. You build up fate as you kill things and can activate reckoning mode. Just save it untill you reach a boss and then you walk up and 3 shot them.

TLDR: Very similar to Fable with new and improved features. A bunch of unique weapons and skills. Great combat. Beautiful graphics. Tons of quests, lots of gameplay and replay value. 10/10
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Sounds good - just bought it.
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Was fun; initial impression of the game wasn't great but was totally hooked once a few hours in.

Also, a lot of the side quests are junk and combat was far too easy (tank might).
<3 th forever
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this game and review gets the OnionS tick of approval

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been looking at this for a while now trying to decide if its worth playing, I was told its basically 'toned down skyrim'.

Might grab it now and give it a go
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yep its pretty much just a massive, easy skyrim...a lot prettier tho
I think i just gagged and vomited at the same time...i gavomited!
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Sweet, had heard meh things about this game but my housemate likes it and it has the OnionS tick of approval.
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yeah game was pretty good but as said, combat was just far too easy.
i played a pure finesse build using daggers and it was way too strong. near constant criticals for around 800 dmg. bosses dropped like flys and with my evasion and all my resistances they hardly hit me. I don't think I used a health potion for the last few hours of the game before finishing it.
I finished 2 of the guild questlines, would have done more if not for the combat growing dull due to lack of difficulty. If they patch in a nightmare mode or whatever I'd prob go back and do the other 2 guilds.
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Fucking disgustingly great game, its everything i wanted fable to be. With the huge content of skyrim. Very fun, you find yourself saying youll play a little bit and it will suck up 6 hours of your life!
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