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CONGRATULATIONS Playing Aggressive

Match Thread

Process 1 2
Gullywash 1

Congratulations PlanA taking out the finals 2-0 over CrackDen. Great performances all round this season with Dino Squad securing 3rd place and Care Bear Squad 4th. Thanks all who participated and hope to you again participating in the future. VOD of the Grands Finals streamed by Brodogs - Part 1 Part 2.


Champions Playing Aggressive
Best Scout Cursive
Best Pocket Soldier Pookie
Best Roaming Soldier Dizzy
Best Medic Malice74
Best Demoman Grau
Best Utility Divmah

Most Improved Player cats
Most Valuable Player Cursive
Most Improved Team Dino Squad, CrackDen.
Friendliest Team TOG

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