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Congratulations Team Immunity for winning
ozfortress cup 3!

5-0 iM Granary
5-4 iM Snakewater

Not long off the plane from their i49 adventure, iM have shown another solid performance with a 2-0 victory over supervillans. iM showed their dominance on granary, with a clinical 5-0 win. Supervillans were far more in their element on snakewater, breaking out to a commanding lead in the first and early second halves, until a turnaround reminiscent of the iM vs TCM game took place.. with iM coming from behind to secure the map 5-4.

Granary Logs:

First Half - STV
Second Half - STV

Snakewater Logs:

First Half - STV
Second Half - STV

While we have your attention, the ozfortress staff would like to remind you all that summer is coming.

Very, very soon.

And we all know what that means.....

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