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as per title, here are some shows you may dont know about, but should

Shameless (USA)

shameless is a usa adaptation of a comedy/drama about a dysfunctional family in lower class england. like many succesful brit comedies the usa decided to make their own version. this version is fucking brilliant. william h macy stars as the drunk dad frank and his oldest daughter fiona (emmy rossum [babe]) has taken the reins of this fucked up family. the show starts off a little slow for the first few episodes however it really picks up as macy picks up his role and the rest had me glued to the screen. currently only one season out though i'm already super keen for the second season which should air early next year.

8.5 on imdb

Human Planet

a documentary series spanning 40 countries in some of the most remote locations on the world where people fucking live. just watch it. watch it in bluray.

9.4 on imdb

The Borgias

another showtime drama, i've only caught the first few episodes however i'm already enjoying it a lot. set in 1492, it follows the fictional crime family the borgias and the struggles for power within. extremely character driven, i'd reccomend this to anyone watching game of thrones. it also stars jeremy irons. enough said.

8.6 on imdb
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