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Well, it all comes down to this! pretty good and bitchbangers are set to fight it out on Sunday evening for the first ever ClanSport Masters title and their share of the $1100 tournament prize pool! Will the epic duo of pvh & amril be enough to stop the sexual freight train offence of pg? Find out by tuning your internets to netGameRadio & Auscast as we broadcast the biggest night of TF2 this year!

It all kicks off at 7:30pm AEST with the TF2 Masters Show. Join the panel for a full hour of predictions, highlights, interviews and discussion on the ClanSport TF2 Masters Series. If you'd like to participate in the show, please PM Jedidude, Josh or Geomanis.

The Grand Final will follow at 8:30pm AEST as pretty good and bitchbangers fight it out over three maps, Granary, Badlands & Gravelpit. Not only that but we'll also be giving away a moster prize pack thanks to GamesWarehouse, which includes a $100 gift voucher + a Plantronics Gamecom 377 headset. All you need to do to win is be listening to the cast for the trivia question!

Don't miss a second of the action, Sunday night, on netGameRadio & Auscast.