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Alternative Web clients such as mibbit are also easy to use.
Follow steps below to run a free trial version of mIRC.

This is the basics of downloading, installing and configuring mIRC!

Step 1:

a) Goto - Click the green box with "Download mIRC now"
b) Either choose a location to save the file or run directly from the website.

Figure 1.1

Step 2: (Running the setup)

Here you will go through a series of screens configuring the installation of mIRC

Figure 2.1 - Greeting Screen

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Figure 2.2 - Licence Agreement (legal stuff)

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Figure 2.3 - Selecting where you want mIRC to be installed to. This is the default location.

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Figure 2.4 - Selection of where in the start menu. This is the default location

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Figure 2.5 - Additional tasks.

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Figure 2.6 - Confirm your settings and Proceed to the end of the installation.

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Figure 2.7 - Finished, Now

Check the Run mIRC option and click Finished >

Step 3: Running and Configuring the application

a) apon loading mIRC you will be challenged with a register / continue box: click continue when it becomes available
b) you will then be challenged with the following screen: Figure 3.1

Fill in the required details -
Note: These do not have to be your actual details as there are internet predators out there!

The Alternative user name is used for when your "primary" nickname is in use on the IRC network. if the alternative nick is in use you will be challenge during the connection to mIRC to enter a nick that is not in use.

c)in the left plane of figure 3.1 proceed to select "Servers" you will then have a new window seen in figure 3.2

By default it will not be on this screen

d) navigate to the folder "GameSurge" and then click select - a new screen will appear seen in figure 3.3

You then should have this screen where the Server: <underlined-section>

e)In the left plane now select "Options" - a new screen will appear seen in Figure 3.4

In this screen we will want to click the "perform..." button and enter the details into the text box as seen above.
before you click "OK" make sure you have the check box in the right screen "Enable perform on connect" checked. Now you can click "OK" your way back to the main application window.

Step 4: Getting online with mIRC!!!

a) in the top right corner under the menu "file" you will see what appears to be an lighting strike, this is to toggle the connection and disconnection of the application seen in Figure 4.1

Where you see "6667" (circled) you might see different numbers like 9000 or 7000 ..when i was creating the tutorial i noticed that the application did not like to connect... i found i had to close the application and reopen it, which then started to connect on the correct port.

The next screen you will be challenged with a popup screen seen in Figure 4.2

This is also another section you have to configure channels by adding them in such as "#ozfortress" and so on. I like to uncheck the option of this pop up but this is entirely up to you.

Note: during chating in this channel you may see other channels being mentioned such as #tf2pug , you are able to double click on this text which will bring up another channel window which you will be apart of.

Once the screen has exited you will then have the #ozfortress window where you can expand and start talking to other fortress members. The status window behind it is the connection to the IRC network do not close it. i will mention this does not cover anything more as there are many more settings that you can personalize for yourself, but feel free to ask here.

This completes the basics of getting online with mIRC. Some of you may encounter trouble with connecting and that may be caused by a firewall issue or possibly something else, feel free to post here with any issues.
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