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Congratulations Team Impunity


[Match Thread]

On the first map of viaduct, Pump n' Dump put up an amazing fight, bringing the last two rounds to double overtime and really making a nail biter of a map with yuki on demoman taking the coveted top damage award, but Impunity was able to take it in the end with a score of 3-2.

The next map of snakewater was looking just as close, with some early domination by sam. on sniper, a little seen sight this season. However Impunity quickly figured out sam. and the rest of Pump n' Dump quickly and managed to take 6 rounds in a row to take the second map 6-2, with Impunity scouts madness` and Elmo. clearly dominating the match alongside a strong performance from their demoman Paulsen.

The last map started close but ended just as clinical as the previous map. Impunity proved why they are now the ozfortress winter league champions by bringing the final map of badlands to a mercy rule win of 7-2 to claim the title.

Thank you to all the teams playing this season, it has been a pleasure to admin owl 14. Can't wait to see everyone for future competitions.

Champions Team Impunity
Best Scout Elmo
Best Pocket Geoh
Best Roamer SoLe
Best Medic Brutalix
Best Demoman Termo
Best Utility Elmo

Most Valuable Player termo

Most Improved Player Cooki
Most Improved Team die
Friendliest Team Thundabirdz
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