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Match Thread

Congragulations to Cash Money for winning ozfortress winter league 13 premier finals! After a fairly clinical 4-0 to Cash Money on Viaduct, Granary was a bit closer with a 5-2 to Cash. Cash Money came through the upper bracket with confidence, beating MASIF in the nailbiter of an upper bracket finals, abet ending in a disappointing forfeit. Cash did come back in force for this with a great display to take home the trophy.

Best Scout: Madness
Best Pocket: Geoh
Best Roamer: SoLe
Best Demoman: Termo
Best Medic: Bonobo
Best Utility: SoLe + Sam.
Most Improved: G|R
MVP: Geoh

Friendliest Team: Not Bad
Most Improved Team: Not Bad

It was great fun to host premier division. Thanks to the players and teams, hope to see you all next season!

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