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This post for moody (i agree 100% with yuki/subtitled, spire is hard to retake, scouts are incredibly strong on the point, etc).

If your demoman jumps into their team then he will die. Without a demoman, you are not going to cap spire. You aren't using your advantage effectively by jumping the demoman at the enemy team because the medic can't keep up with him for the uber to be effective.

Teams that let the enemy demoman AND medic get close enough to jump at them WITH uber are not playing spire correctly and need their spire soldier to change his gameplan (force the uber early from high ground???)

Sending players through main door is risky because you're likely to have your combo or main door players get flanked and killed. It's a horrible choke point, easily watched from 3 angles (pocket/resupply/upper lobby) and players behind are easily dealt with since they are cut off from the combo. Like it can work if people aren't watching it, or forget about the players behind, but its not really the best option because you are assuming the enemy is bad and isn't going to punish you for doing it.

I agree with multi-ubering with advantage, but the fact is you aren't likely to get close enough to the enemy team without getting your uber forced and then being unable to actually kill anything because of the myriad number of options for players to get away on spire.

Personally i think resupply pushes are better with uber advantage because you can have your secondary and scout lockdown resupply, have your demoman sticky inside lower lobby and push at the enemy team across greybridge with a scout/soldier uber. You are close enough to deal with players, their escape options are severely limited, and you force the enemy team into an uncomfortable situation.

My idea has flaws though, the demoman isn't defended in lower lobby so he can get picked easily by a secondary or whatnot from spire, people in resupply could eventually beat the scout/soldier, doesn't work against a balcony hold and combo can't deal with highground players because the demoman is lower lobby.
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