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Match Thread

Process 5 - 2 1 2
Sunshine 3 - 5 1 2
Snakewater 5 - 1 1 2

It has been a Nameless season, full of Memories and people using a UNi-Cycle! Complete with no Admin Abuse or mapples. Some tried to be Deluxe in their Doodling while they really Should Be Studying. Everyone tried to Whazzle and Dazzle, but in the end, it doesn't even matter because u ¢ me took it! Good season guys!
But now for the part you all care about. THE AWARDS!


Champions u ¢ me
Best Scout Cooki
Best Pocket Soldier Blankiest Blank
Best Roaming Soldier Shork
Best Medic Coolio626 (Dave)
Best Demoman eggnormous
Best Utility Cooki

Most Improved Player Ylvenski, Zejofzx
Most Valuable Player Cooki
Most Improved Team Deluxe Doodlers
Friendliest Team UNI-cycle

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