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rofls capped off their undefeated owl4 season in division 3 with a win, bouncing back from their poor performance in owl3. The c1 lads put up a solid effort though and weren't far away from taking the match themselves, even forcing the match to a 3rd map decider.

cp_granary: 5-3 rofls
cp_badlands: 5-4 c1
cp_gravelpit: 2-0 rofls

Massive shoutouts again to gamestah for their shoutcasts and streams for division 3, and to the 70+ specs watching the grand final!

I'll also take this opportunity to present the end of season awards for division 3. hatchet has put in the hard yards with this project, gathering and adding the votes, so be sure to thank him . And here are the winners!

Champions rofls
Best Scout rofls.cryptic
Best Soldier rofls.Shambo
Best Demoman rofls.Sawry
Best Medic @.Lewk
Best Utility @.Disturbed
Most Improved Player rofls.Shambo
Most Improved Team Rofl Stompers
Friendliest Team Kung Fu Treachery

Congratulations rofls, and thank you to the rest of division 3!

We hope to see most if not all of you next season, if not as the same clans, then definitely as the players!
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