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world underground

[Link to Match Thread]

cp_snakewater: 5-0 :wu
cp_granary: 5-4 :wu

And now the awards!

Champions :wu
Best Soldier Midas
Best Scout Beeble
Best Medic Laz & Vinty
Best Demoman Iris & Spaceman
Best Utility Failrail
Most Improved Player(s) TG
Most Improved Team Winterfall & :wu
Friendliest Team We Few
Best Dressed Team We Few

Congrats to :wu for taking out a great match.. Momentum swung both ways in a particularly close-fought granary match. Cheers for playing to all the teams who participated this season, particularly the silver-medal winning Venemous Fuzzies who, as a motley crew of AsiaFortress friends, dealt with significant lag to almost take the competition.

Cheers to all of Division 3 for making the admin job an easy one this season.. It's been great working with you guys. Best of luck for the future, I'm looking forward to keeping an eye on div 2 next season!

"Running over the same old ground.."