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Congratulations Intermediate winners The Resurrected Six!

gullywash - 1 - 2
product - 3 - 0
snakewater - 6 - 1
granary - 2 - 1 | 1 - 1 regular time | 1 - 0 golden cap

The first map of the grand final was Gullywash with a very close start, with the first round taking 15 minutes before UNI finally got the first round win of the game. They followed up with a second, before TR6 were able to quickly reply to bring the score back to 2-1, but were not able to clinch the next round before the map time ended.

TR6 immediately took control of the second map, Product, and comfortably won 3-0, showing significantly more aggression than UNI who used a more passive style of play.

The third map was Snakewater, which, much like Gullywash, was a very close game for the first 15 minutes, and eventually UNI clinched the first round. Unfortunately for them, TR6 found some inspiration, and won six straight rounds, four of which took under 2 minutes, to close out the map.

Map 4 was Granary, and yet again, the scoreline remained 0-0 for almost 15 minutes before UNI were able to win the first round of the map. The second round took almost the remainder of the map time before TR6 were able to close out the 2nd round with 1 minute remaining, and force the map to golden cap.

UNI took TR6 to the last point during the golden cap, but were unable to seal the deal, and TR6 took the momentum and were able to cap out, winning the ozf 15 Intermediate Grand Final 3-1!

Thank you to all teams and players for participating in ozfortress season 15, and we hope to see you soon!

1st - The Resurrected 6
2nd - UNI-cycle
3rd - ABC

Champions: The Resurrected 6
Best Demoman: Jaybladezz
Best Medic: Megumi
Best Pocket: Roro
Best Roamer: Johno/Bane
Best Scout: Ben
Best Utility: Xyph/Ben

Most Improved Player: Dr.Awesome/Randy
Most Valuable Player: Ben

Friendliest Team: Salt Free Gaming
Most Improved Team: The Resurrected Six

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