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Date: 10th - 16th March
Maps: Winner of (SF1) choice, [^] choice. Tiebreaker if needed: cp_granary (first cap wins)
Positions: Winner of (SF1) (home) vs Winner of (SF2) (away)
Teams: MAD DOGZ! || ego vs [^]
Scheduled Time:

Map Choices:
cp_well (30mins)
cp_granary (30mins)
cp_labor (30mins)
cp_gravelpit (1:1, Times win on point draw)
cp_dustbowl (
1:1, Times win on point draw)
cp_science (30mins)
*Note: You may pick the same maps.

Winner of (SF1) is still to be determined. This match will take place on Weds 12th March between MAD DOGZ! and ego.

Maps must be announced by Weds 11:59PM AEDT (NSW)
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