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sti I'm running out of groundhog day gifs here..

Congratulations to the eternal ultiduo champions, Yuki and Bonobo, who have won their third Ultiduo as a pair and Yuki's 4th as a soldier. Despite a lower turnout than other ultiduos, the ninth iteration provided some strong matches and surprise contenders, particularly Daveii and Mattr coming out of nowhere to contest Yuki in the Grand Final.

Shoutout has to go to ayR, for substituting in place of Mattr at the last minute when internet problems forced him out, straight into the second round of the grand final.

ozfortress would like to thank bladez for his hard work in maintaining the bot and servers for running the event.

Thanks also to TFLIVE for maintaining stream coverage for the whole night.

GG to everybody who entered, OWL11 is not far away...
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