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Originally Posted by Meersy View Post
I agree with Darien and Bowt. I think it's hard to make calls on whether to push or not in certain situations, as medic.

An example that can be used is badlands corner;
- Due to nature of pushing around this corner, especially if it is 6v6 even ubers, then there will be lots of spam going both ways around the corner, so as medic I would be forced to take a position somewhere around the top of the stairs, keeping the beam on my demoman and/or primary soldier. If I didn't do this, and tried to run around to corner to see what's happen (which you SHOULDN'T DO btw), I'd just die instantly. Because of this, I can't see anything that is going on, so I would have to rely on the calls from my team to make a decision, and even then it is hard to get the full picture of the situation, making it even harder to make a judgment.

The times where it is easier to make a call of this type, would be pushing into a very large, open area, such a granary last. In this situation, the medic has the ability to tell his team what to do, as he isn't pressured through a choke point, and can clearly see the positions of all the enemy players.
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