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Some little things:

You mention the "combo" in the roamer segment "... to make space for the combo...", yet you do not mention what the combo is. You may want to just chuck in somewhere clearly what the combo is; it appears the meaning of it is scattered somewhere in Africa. Maybe you should have a more gameplay related term list?

Don't pick duels. So many new & veteran players try to take duels that they don't need to take, or that they are ill equipped for.
I can kind of agree to this to an extent. However, there are times where going out of your comfort zone to go for an aggressive frag will net a massive advantage for your team, and you might not die straight after it! Should say something like, "Don't constantly go for duels. If you do want to, try and do it at even the smallest advantage/even ground, preferably not at a disadvantage". Otherwise, you may breed a generation of scouts that don't go for duels, ever - we have enough of them

You probably want to touch base on communication a bit more, if you can be assed. Stuff like: calling intentions (done), calling damage, calling targets, calling fights you are in, communicating advantages/disadvantages. Stating one of the main reasons for communicating a lot of this stuff is because it prompts your team to react accordingly, e.g. "I'm fighting a soldier at resup", will often just prompt one of your team to come help you - you may not always need to call for help (although, it is a good idea!)

etc etc good post

also don't shitpost a useful thread goober

EDIT: gullywash is another "stable map"
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