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Originally Posted by geomanis View Post
Should always take corner if you are on even terms, there is no reason to give up position. You cannot hold corner/spire if the other team has demoman advantage. You will get flanked and beaten if the other team has overwhelmed resupply. In either of those situations it's prudent to fall to upper lobby to forward hold, or to last if you have even uber.

Greybridge is a deathtrap, hold from either balcony or pocket if corner is not an option. You won't achieve anything by standing on greybridge and watching the opponent walk around corner and spam down at the lobby choke from high ground.
I think you can attempt to hold spire if the other team has demoman advantage. If you just fell out that would be pretty weak

I dont think it matters if the other team has control of resupply when you are holding spire from balc or pocket

I think its good to have medic on greybridge when forward defending
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