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If the other team suicides at you thats all well and good, but a smart team will position themselves in pocket or on the balcony where their medic is relatively safe from a head on assault and they are keeping stickies and presence on the spire.

With large uber advantage if they hold pocket rushing through lower lobby to pincer their medic is viable; need other people entering the fight from perch->pocket also, but by no means a guarenteed success (if theyre smart they will just wheel around to grey bridge).

If they are stacking balcony too much jumping soldiers on their heads from grey bridge is potent, but again having high health and getting into this position is not easy.

I think you're better off working the spire point hunting kills on their defenders and slowly creeping cap time on the spire (jumping soldiers and scouts) looking for player advantage, while the combo attempts to creep ground in the ulikely hope that poor enemy positioning will yeild a chance to use uber and punish them.

If no play happens you know they are not defending spire and holding forward. So i walk up spire and we force them out from there.
Premeditated climbing spire when there is less resistance is very vulnerable to suprise attackers from balcony however if you see the opportunity its usually the best way to get to upper lobby and use your uber adv before its gone.

EDIT: the best point to take away from this is that it is not always simple taking spire as the attackers. If your medic were to die around spire on defense would it be better to retreat to last or keep fighting?
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