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At middle what players should i focus on damaging?

on gran you should be able to hit the demo for 30-50 if you both get there at the same time, if you are beating him there by a second or two you can tell a scout/s to plus him and get an easy kill. if their demo has a sticky on the healthpack right as you turn to it, you are too slow. on badlands if you do house rollout you should be able to get 1-2 stickies into the demo/scouts if they are playing off train. then its up to you.

Is there any specific way to aim pipes?

play in div 2 for a season (probably div 1 now too l0l)

As far as rollout goes, should i be focussing on getting to middle faster than the enemy demoman, getting to mid on really high hp, or trying to get a balance of both?

badlands jumps are ezpz health wise and you should prac the gran ones so you go through the door to mid at 9:41 at latest whilst not being in red hp.

How do i deal with secondary soldiers that suicide jump at me besides hitting the midair or placing a sticky at their landing location? I find i struggle to deal with those players.

theres no specific way, you can middy them, sticky near where they land and ofc get your team to help you out. middys are awesome so i always go for middys. on mid its pretty easy (vs most teams) to sticky your/their crate or train and just destroy them with your scouts.

Do good demoman have a limit in regards to how much ammo they use to output damage, so that they always have some spare for emergency? If so, what is the limit, or is it entirely situational?

ALWAYS reload stickies first so you have some left for emergencies. dont try and pipe everything (bit ironic) and try and play for a bit just using them for spam/extreme emergencies and you will develop it as a habit. theres no rule like "i should always have 3 stickies and 2 pipes loaded" if you are doing something like that you will probably not do as much damage as you should, you will just begin to get a feel for it the more you play.
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