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In terms of buffing scouts on rollout, you want to do it at just before max range. Not sure of the exact distance but for an estimate on granary i think it's from the tyre on 1st point near the left pipe to the wall just before the roller door. Overheals for scouts on rollout does not really matter that much on granary, but bowt will have a sook if he doesn't have them.

On badlands it's seemingly more important as the time to middle is alot shorter and that extra 20 odd health can make a scout take an extra scattergun shot and essentially win the rollout because of it. Heals on rollout (badlands) usually go in the order of Demo till he does his jump OUT of spawn, roamer as he does first jump -> scouts (this is usually at stairs) -> roamer -> pocket then just prioritise heals at mid depending on who's doing what. This rollout assumes that your pocket is doing the equaliser rollout (that is, doing 2 rj's in spawn instantly, equalising to just out of dropdown, then healing him there).

Kinda hard to explain in words, though hope that helps.
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