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Player shouldn't be forward enough that he can get picked off (have in the past but that was the first time we were trying the hold).

That 'forward' player should be spamming the door, if he doesn't have any hit-beeps he then checks their spawn/listens. Assuming he sees/hears nothing, he'd have to assume/call that the enemy team isn't there and you'd have your combo rotate, with the other soldier still roaming b with the scout. Demoman can sticky close entrance and can also roam. This hold allows great mobility between moving to c entrances and b entrances, so generally you should be able to control where the enemy team comes from and not put yourself in a shit position so you do not get picked. Just requires more coordination then others, but is a very rewarding hold.

Unless you get some lucky spam i don't see attacking from short working too well, alternatively you can uber the demo out short force the attention on him and have the rest attack elsewhere (maybe soldiers from c to jump on roof, or just in general aim to get position/whittle the defenders down)

In class atm so this is just off the top of my head, I'll properly analyse when i get home (lol)

Will upload a pov later

Shit, retarded posts in mentoring threads make me hard.
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