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Some comments from the losers -

With players playing forward in short and on the forward roof, one of the ways i saw of beating this (which we didnt do in this scrim) was trying to win the short entrance with soldier/demo/medic then playing a scout/soldier from connector to force RED behind the short house at which point the demo could shoot over the roof and get pipes/stickies onto the sentry which then allows soldiers to take the short roof.

Considering you will only have 3 fighting classes around short (assuming there is a scout roaming to check long and other c door for snipers and such and the engy is not risking his life), how do you plan to beat a spam war (especially considering you generally hold a soldier VERY forward[pickable] and hence in danger of being 2 spam players).

Every other door seemed pretty weak to push from but this one tended to lead to wins in another game prior to this one. The only real option i can see at this stage is to pick up the sentry once BLU get control of short and move to front ramp or behind the point and move to a different B hold. I understand holding the secondary further back inside short is an option, but in that case you almost give up the B entrances, and holding demo forward on the ground after short is won cannot be done easily due to scouts coming from tunnel. Is there a reliable way to defend against this sort of push with the hold you have proposed? or is the drop to other position the only method (which still isnt bad due to wasting time of the attackers)

I am a fan of the hold but it seems like the other team (after playing against it a few times) is forced to be playing short pushes, which seems like the weakness of this hold.
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