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2ndsoldier perspective, had it uploaded so thought i might as well put it up for anybody interested. 2nd half is more strategically solid than the first\\

edit: just noticed the last line of bowts post

In terms of playing second soldier from this position it feels significantly stronger than standard B roof simply due to the increased versatility available without gimping your team like a noob. The hold allows for me to quite literally play as a roaming soldier playing from a "central base" of the dispenser behind short hut. If you watch the demo you'll notice that i just constantly return to this area to refresh/grab heals from bonobo then do my own thing for awhile. Obviously this "own thing" entirely depends on what the other team is doing however i tend to remain around that short position, playing from the small hut/behind the hut/in short depending where players are on both teams and the possibility of slowing down/killing the enemy or even getting an early connector call. Another important thing to remember is that holding short does not restrict you to playing from the hut! Don't be afraid to go roof, especially if they are doing a full push from C as you will quite likely be considerably more useful for your team up there than shooting no-hope rockets at players fisting your team.

tl;dr basing your play around short leaves you with many options
help your team
constantly try to slow down the enemy
check connector/short
dont die
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