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ozfortress enforces a set of rules (listed above) by a system of infraction points. You are issued infraction points which correspond to specific rule breaches, and carry different points and expiration times.

Serious infractions never expire, while minor and midway infractions expire depending on the specific rule that has been broken.

Bans will be issued at different point levels, and carry different ban lengths and game bans depending on how many points you have accrued. They are detailed below.

Additionally, we list the infractions that can be issued and their corresponding rule.

Ban levels
  • 5 points - 1 week ban
  • 10 points - 1 month ban
  • 25 points - 3 month ban, 1 match ban
  • 35 points - 6 month ban, 1 month match ban
  • 50 points - 12 month ban, 3 month match ban
  • 60 points - permanent ban for both website and competition

  • Major Infractions - Never expire
    • Serious or repeated abuse of a sexual, racist or religious nature [Rule 1.5.1]
    • Serious or repeated abuse of ozfortress staff while carrying out his/her duties [Rule 1.5.2]
    • Serious abuse of a personal nature [Rule 1.5.3]
    • Inappropriate use of photographs [Rule]
    • Revealing of personal details [Rules, 2.3.6]
    • Any attempt to circumvent an enforced ban [Rule 1.5.4]
    • Any attempt to impersonate a member of ozfortress [Rule 1.5.5]
    • Spammer [Rule 2.3.1]
  • Infractions - Expire in 12 months
    • Serious or repeated comments made with the intention of provoking anger or to antagonise another member of the community in a Zero Tolerance forum [Rule]
    • Serious or repeated comments which demean or attack other members of the community in a Zero Tolerance forum [Rule]
    • Deliberate posting of advertising material without approval of ozfortress [Rule 2.3.1]
    • Reposting threads/posts that have been previously deleted by a moderator [Rule 2.3.3]
    • Creating multiple forum user accounts [Rule 2.3.5]
  • Minor Infractions - Expire in 1 month
    • Deliberate double (or more) posting (posting the same reply two or more times in a row) [Rule]
    • Links to external websites unrelated to the discussion [Rule]
    • Off-Topic or Disallowed Material [Rule 2.3.4]