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I don't know what to say really.. you learn to 2 shot people by learning to aim??

But I guess playing the angles and baiting is an easy way of getting a 2shot. On a good day for me I would 3-4 shot scouts consistently, with quite a few 2shots.

I guess I can take this time to briefly touch on aim tipz~

Generally the more you think about aiming or landing those 2 shots, you will miss the shots - from my experience anyway. The times I play well normally come from good warmup, rest and a generally healthy mental state. That is, not having a foggy mind (from being tired or hungry or just not totally in the game). When I concentrate on the game, calling to my best ability, having good morale or w/e my aim is generally good - that's why it's important to have good comms in a team (for morale).

Have a read of this article, specifically the discipline, presence and aim sections. All 3 apply equally as much to tf2. But in summary, just focus on the game at hand and aim will come to you as a byproduct.

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