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Originally Posted by OnionS View Post
hey rep,

what would you say are the priorities of a scout on badlands rollout?

- protect demoman
- killing enemy demoman
- tracking enemy scouts
- killing enemy scouts
- giving early intel
- killing enemy medic
- etc
Keep in mind that what I'm about to say will change depending on the situation.
Generally you want to figure out what sort of strat they're doing. You would call out if their demo is late or slow to mid (or not there at all) which would suggest they're doing a valley rollout. Knowing they are doing a valley rollout, you can avoid all their damage and destroy them by reacting to them before they actually execute the strat.
Scouts shouldn't really call where their soldiers are because they won't really be paying as much attention to them as your other classes. However you need to be ready if your team calls 'soldier window' because you must assume he will be jumping.

On to enemy scouts... you should try to engage them or the demo at the start, but in a way where you won't take much damage or die. If you get a good meatshot on a scout and he retreats, don't chase. It doesn't matter if he didn't die because ultimately he has been disabled from the fight for atleast 5-10 seconds (or more depending on where he's gone). However, you must clearly call to your team that this scout has gone back for heals. Sure, if an enemy scout is overextended, or you have an advantage (whether it be from an overheal or some other factor), you can give chase in a smart way.

Medic kills at mid generally come about from the medic taking too much spam damage and a scout mopping up, or by the teams fault of not tracking you and letting you get 2 shots in his back). It's not something you would go out of your way for.

Protecting your demo comes by keeping their scouts under control. However, you should try to assist your demo in mopping his damage. For example, playing around their maint or hill later on in the rollout is a good way of mopping up players retreating or players who look vulnerable.

If you can kill their demo, you've probably secured mid as they have lost lots of pushing power and area control. Again, killing their demo normally comes about from you not being contested by their scouts, the demoman being a retard or another mistake. Something I know solus liked to do was if he had nothing to do on a rollout for a short period(gran for example), he would shoot the demo long range a bit. The damage may not be high, but it will add up and force the demo to ease off, letting your demo to have more reign and ultimately securing more ground.

So to sum up, as solus said it's pretty hard to have a set priority list for things like these. The priorities will change every 5 seconds on a rollout. But as a rough estimate I would say the priorities are
- controlling their scouts
- intel / assisting in damage (or mopping loL)

Again, I stress that these will change throughout the fight, so the real key is how well you adapt to different situation.

As Solus said, intel should be done simultaneously. I know scouts in very top teams who cannot call while fighting. I find this disgusting and inexcusable, personally.
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