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After mentoring two scouts so far I've found that each one (or their partner) is designated to watching maint/closet at mid from the very start. The second thing I've found is they almost always take too much damage at the very start from the enemy demo. This thread will hopefully provide some insight as to how to work around these two common problems.

Forgive me for the lack of editing quality as seen in nesks instructional videos, but I'm a lazy fucker.

Some background info first..after playing with dogz, we used to have a problem with scouts doing the "bowt" against us - that is where scouts rush maint/cubby straight away on rollout without being spotted. This got frustrating for everyone in the team - medic, demo and us scouts because we hated losing track of enemy scouts. So solus and I joined a server and we experiment with lines to take while taking into account different spawns. So we eventually figured out if you take this line and sort of pause like you see me do in the video, you should ALWAYS see if a scout rushes straight to maint/cubby.

So we made it a habit of having 1 scout always run that line with a few exceptions (aggressive rollouts or otherwise). However, this line has a risk of you taking damage, so good awareness and avoidance is necessary, which brings me to the next problem.

Fairly simple rollout which will allow you to get some overheals hopefully, allowing you to get to mid on ~140hp. Big advantage of this line is you can easily avoid early damage from their demo and fight their scouts from a good angle if need be. It also allows you to see down in to their valley and be able to call an early valley strat, which will win you the rollout.

Excuse me for the poor grammar and english, I was bored and decided to write this up in a short amount of time.

Also, yes this is pretty basic shit, so if you post that fuck you.

Oh and there's an easter egg in the second vid
hint: NESK!
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