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If your planning on Mult-Clanning for a team you will need permission to do this. Multi-clanning means playing for a different team, other then the one your playing for in ozfl6's or OWL for CFL.

Team your playing for in CFL:
Team your playing for in Ozfl6's:

Current list of players granted mult-clanning:
  • geomanis, CFL: Colon-Three, owl3: GO!
  • marshy, CFL: colon-three, OWL:SE: Walken
  • feresar, CFL: colon-three, owl: fray`vanguard
  • NotJim, CFL: colon-three, owl:se: nub3
  • lavender, CFL: colon-three, owl: ALIVe
  • juicycaboose, CFL: colon-three, owl: FOXYCATS
  • AFTERSHOCK, CFL:colon-three, owlse:damage inc
  • optimus rhymin, CFL: :3 (colon-three), owlse: go!
  • Lemming, cfl: farmers, Owl: alive
  • No Mercy, cfl: Fray:V, Owl: Famous
  • nnnta, CFL: Fray V, OWL:SE: SLP
  • Brodogs, CFL: Fray Devon, OWL:SE: Fray Devon, OZFL/OWL3: Unreal Aussies
  • aporia, CFL : Good Blokes, owl : -A-
  • kemosabe, CFL : Good Blokes, OWL : Bunnies
  • HAOfn, CFL : Good Blokes, OWL : Bunnies
  • porks, CFL : Good Blokes, OWL : Bunnies
  • Raziel, CFL: Good Blokes, OWL: KwK
  • scotty, CFL: Good Blokes, OWL: KwK
  • smky, CFL: Paneity, OWL:SE: frayR
  • cactuar, cfl: paneity, owl3: bun
  • weaselben, cfl: paneity, ozfl/owl: bun
  • celph, cfl: paneity, ozfl/owl: ruffians
  • Asherak, cfl: paneity, ozfl/owl: bun
  • exe, cfl: MD, ozfl: TOG
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