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Last year we brought you the netGameRadio Invitational, 16 teams who fought it out in double elimination.

After our success we wanted to bring you a competition which appeals to both the players and spectators. Six organisations have come together to bring you another competitive Team Fortress 2 tournament -- the 'FOOSH Sixes Invitational'!
  • Twelve invited seeded teams
  • Eight Wild Card teams may enter to fight it out for four Wild Card slots
  • Single Elimination
  • Single Map per round
  • Fixed time slots for each game (Emphasis on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights)
  • Static STV server access available for all games
  • Revised rules to current community expectation
  • 100% coverage by our friends at netGameRadio
There are approximately $2,700 worth of prizes up for grabs! More information about the tipping comp and Player of the Tournament will be announced soon.

Tournament winner
108 packs of FOOSH Energy Mints + iPGN 18 slot TF2 server (12 months, 18 slot + 30 STVslot, Full FTP, small webspace & possibly a mumble server) + 6 x SteelSeries 3H headsets

Tournament runner-up
72 packs of FOOSH Energy Mints + 6 x SteelSeries QcK+ Mouse Pads

Tournament third place
72 packs of FOOSH Energy Mints

Tipping comp prizes
1st - 36 packs of FOOSH Energy Mints + nGR t-shirt
2nd - 18 packs of FOOSH Energy Mints + nGR t-shirt
Randomly selected winner - 18 packs of FOOSH Energy Mints + nGR t-shirt

Player of the Tournament
SilverStone Raven RV01 Case & RVM01 Mouse

Invitations will go out next week to twelve teams who we deem competitive enough for this tournament. Your invitation comes with important conditions which you accept by choosing to participate.

This tournament is structured so that the whole community can get involved! STV will be available for every game in addition to an unprecedented level of live broadcast coverage, bringing you an extensive array of player interviews, expert opinions and all the action as it happens!

We've made it so much easier for spectators to be involved. Gone are the days of choosing one broadcast or STV over another, this match or that, this time round, you can experience them all.

Key dates!
  • 15/2/09 Invites will be sent to clans
  • 22/2/09 Draw release
  • 28/2/09 Roster lock
  • 1/3/09 WildCard round
  • 8/3/09 Round 1
  • 15/3/09 Quarter Finals
  • 22/3/09 Semi Finals
  • 29/3/09 Grand Final
More official posts to come as the dates arrive.
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