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Team Fortress 2
Project Drawn - Electric
by Son of Dad

Hey guys, guess what? NEW FRAG MOVIE!!

That's right, exactly 1 year after the release of Continuum I'm back for the third time with another frag video featuring highlights from early 2010 to August with clans Medical Domination and Foxy respectively. Once again, don't expect amazing soldier work from me, I still remain an average soldier when it comes to airshots and all. I really wanted to make a movie showing the guys I spent so many hours playing with every night (love you guys)

Back to the movie, as some may remember this movie is inspired by the credit sequence of the Sherlock Holmes movie and I started with a little teaser at the start of 2010. The movie incorporates some skills I have in Photoshop to make these comic book like images and I just took off from there. After at least 100 hours of photoshop, after effects, sony vegas, rendering and testing I have finished Project Drawn.

Project Drawn - Rock Mix: Youtube, Dropbox, PLDX [pending]
Project Drawn - Electric Mix: Youtube, Dropbox, PLDX [pending]

Here's the twist, there are two versions of Project Drawn. What I learnt from my previous videos is that your music choice won't please everyone. Some enjoy rock music while others don't and while I tried to make an electric mix, the songs aren't quite electric. What I have decided is to create two versions, each individually synced to their respective soundtracks. So you guys can decide which to watch or download

Hope you guys enjoy this movie, it really was a result of many hours of work and I'm insanely relieved to have finished. Shoutouts go out to decap, who continues to bug me for movies and drives me to finish them. There are many others others but Crowie is the one man to mention right now, love ya
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