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Team Fortress 2
snow tf2 config release 1
by snow
There's nothing particularly amazing about this config, it's just yet another public tf2 config.

It includes a custom weapon script which is needlessly complicated but can be configurable down to each individual weapon for every class, by editing the aliases included in the class config files. You can also add crosshair commands (which I've simplified down to xhair0,xhair1,xhair2 etc) into those aliases so you can modify the crosshairs for each weapon too.

It should be noted that for soldier, mouse5 is bound to a rocket jump script and the script unbinds it by default on all other classes. If you need mouse5 or want to move it or whatever, edit the class config files.

If you have any reasonable requests or issues, feel free to ask. If you're going to comment on this being useless then kill yourself, as i've said before this is nothing new so don't expect it
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