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RC3 - FML!! What a Mere!!

Well we got a game on it last night (well the other team wanted to play it) and within 1 rounds i realised that the last cap capped far too quick, undefendable pretty much so I've had to ninja edit this and release it as an RC3, the only difference is that the cap time on last is slightly longer and that your respawnwave defending last has been lowered by one second!!

Sorry and I know I suck )) lol

Changes that Have been Made across all the versions!!

* Both Spawns have been reworked so players cant just sit in spawn doorways and spam the opponents.
* Health Cabinets Have been moved In Spawn.
* Box has been added to top walkway to give defensive sniper some cover.
* Health Packs have been reworked around 2nd point giving the defensive team larger health packs.
* Slope from valley to 2nd has been shallowed out slightly.
* New route under the building on the left of 2nd has been introduced to give scouts an alternative route to get behind opposition.
* However a Rectangular window has been installed so that it makes it more difficult for scouts to get behind unnoticed than in previous versions of prolane.
* Balcony has been added upon entrance to 2nd point to add variation and alternate defensive spots.
* Decking on the right side of 2nd has been extended to give more room to a team pushing from that side.
* The doorways have been widened in order to create less small choke points where a demoman could easily sticky
* Right hand side of middle has been expanded to add space and more room to middle point.
* Health packs have been swapped on middle so the small health packs are on the sides and larger health packs next to where players would fall out to try and give the team falling out a chance of getting back and holding second.
* Respawn have been changed
* Rebuilt bottom lobby to incorporated a staircase to allow access upstairs without having to go via CP2
* Rotated panels around on middle to nerf sniper
* Fixed clipping issues on some textures
* Added Decals to give map definition
* Added texture to prevent people being shot from underneath metal walkway on CP1
* Changed Fade Distances on lamps above CP2 doors
* Moved certain static props and smoothed out certain objects
* The Tower on middle now has a panel on the hole in roof to prevent characters falling through
* Made incline up to second shallower from underpass route on CP2 to prevent characters getting stuck
* Restructured Middle point with a whole new building on the right hand side.
* Moved forward resupply on middle backwards to allow more room on the middle point.
* Reworked Last point to include an attack route from top right along with reworking bottom lobby to make this possible.
* Added Security Cameras on middle to limit snipers main line of sight.
* Players can now jump through the windows on CP2 like on badlands.
* Map is now fully optimized to improve FPS


* Added a Cave as a route out from last to aid backcapping
* Opened up roofs on the sides of middle to create a more balanced middle and add fun for the soldier class.
* Change Cap Tim on last to 1 Second (This wasnt a good idea!!!!!!!!!!!!)
* Slightly re-altered spawn times in accordance to play testing
* Fixed certain playerclips allowing players to get to certain accessible parts of the map.
* Added rock formation to valley to create less room for scouts.
* Changed the position of the balcony over valley to nerf snipers.
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This version is still broken, The left hand side of mid (when on blu) is missing a small hp bottle.
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