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Team Fortress Classic
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Attack Defend
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by Dictator.id
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Troy2 is a fast paced avanti style Attack and Defend map which consists of four capture points in which the offense team must capture in sequence. Unlike most AD maps troy2 only has one place where the defense team can potentially lockdown for an extended period of time. This chokepoint is the capture point 4. All other points are hard to lockdown due the either their openess or too many entrances to cover. The map can become slightly too spammy due to the defense having grenades and the offense having secondary grenades as well as primary grenades.

The offense first spawn on the closed side of the main gate, the defense first spawn near capture point 2. The area around cap point 1 is quite open therefore difficult to defend against offense jumpers. A good stratergy for cap point 1 is to try hold the enemy at the gate as long as possible, having SGs cover the gate and demomen spam the gate, while HWGuys cover any offense who breach the spam. Once the offense capture cap point 1, they must proceed to cap point 2.

Capture point 2 is essentially similar to cap point 1, being out in the open therefore hard to defend against jumpers. For this cap point I would recommend trying to stall the enemy offense as much as possible and trying to get them to drop the flag in a place which will make things difficult to them.

Capture point 3 is another cap point which is open, but with the addition of so many entrances this makes cap point 3 the hardest cap point to defend in the map. Again the defense should try stall the offense by pushing at them, engaging them in the rooms between cap point 2 and cap point 3, instead of the open area around cap point 3.

Capture point 4 is the best chance for the defense to lockdown and will prove the greatest challenge for the offense. This is due to the enclosed space around the last cap point as well as the small entrances into the final area. I would suggest a strong backline defense for this cap point, with the frontline defense holding at the edge of the chokepoints giving them the oppurtunity to drop back if needed.

Suggested Team:
5 player Offense: 3 medics, 1 soldier, 1 spy.
5 player Defense: 1 engineer, 1 hwguy, 2 soldiers, 1 demoman.

8 player Offense: 1 medic, 1 demoman, 1 spy, 2 hwguys, 3 soldiers.
8 player Defense: 2 engineers, 2 hwguys, 1 demoman, 3 soldiers.

Personally I would suggest with the defense using only one engineer on cap point 2/3 and two on cap point 1/4. As well as having a reliable concing medic carry the flag for offense.
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