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Team Fortress Classic
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Capture the Flag
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by mezo
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Throwflag is a fast paced map which has a slight twist. It can turn a difficult situation for offense into an easy situation with a simple throw of the flag. And vice versa for defense. The flag is situated at the back of the base on the highest of three levels. Next to the default flag position is a grate. Once you have the flag you can take it right through the base risking getting killed in a choke point OR you can throw the flag through the grate, through a hole in the second floor and into the ramproom on the ground level. Which happens to be right near the front door.

Defense should be focused on not containing movement but stopping the initial touch.
A defense stratergy which I would use would be:
- A soldier in the ramproom primarily covering the bottom antrance into the flagroom.
- A soldier along the path which leads from the ramproom to the upper entrance to the flagroom.
- A HWGuy on a higher level in the flagroom.
- The SG facing to shoot the enemy OFF the flag to keep them from touching.
The ramproom soldier should give incomings for the T and for enemy concing up to go to the upper entrance to the flagroom. The soldier who is covering the upper entrance should be wary of enemy gathering at the secret entrance to the flagroom which is close to his position. The engineer can chose to build his dispenser either in the way of the flag or near the security switch. Watch for enemy in your flagroom when defending the flag elsewhere, chain caps are common.

Offense should consist of scout and medics. Having a spy will be quite useless as the flagroom defense will always be edgy and shoot anything that goes near their flag. Once the flag has been thrown down to the ramproom their job becomes considerably easier. Good coordination and teamwork with the security switch can bypass all defense. Note that you should throw with care because if the flag misses the hole on the second level you will have a hard job getting the flag.

- The switch in the flagroom opens a hatch over the flag which can be accessed from the second level. It will stay open 30 seconds.
- The cap point is on the wall outside your base in between the fron doors.
- The is another entrance into the enemy base from inside the barrier which seperates the yards.

This map is rarely played in Australia.
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