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Team Fortress Classic
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thecove is a dustbowl style AD map and will be featuring in RvB:AD. If you have ever played osaka before and have found, like everyone else, that the map is the easiest map in TFC history to defend, well this is the opposite!

thecove presents itself with the first cap point having the offense spawn on the edge of an island with a massive boat in the water (mountable). It does suggest that the Blue team attacking has just arrived at the shoes of the British defense and is looking to invade their castle! Awesome story line for AD map .

Once the gates are down, the two teams will meet in and out of water, getting covered in sand, and gathering rashes from hiding in the bushes. A few quick rocket jumps and an avoidance of snipers, will get that flag (a pirate flag!) on its way towards the cap point. The flag itself will either go through the caves or through a watter tunnel on its way, and this is the first major choke point other than the gates. Once past there its a matter of not getting it stuck in the water and capping the point on the docks.

The second point is at the end of a little village, located at the base of the British castle. The village only has one street, but the dam that it has is just screaming to be jumped over towards the cap point. This is all well and good, but landing in the water with the falg, or getting taken out by a sniper will get that flag good and proper :E.

The 3rd and final cap point is up on the very top of the British castle. Its hard to defend because you spawn so far back and dont have enough armour to rocket jump very far. However its hard for offense because it needs a very good rocket+nade or det jump to get there, and if defense have a decent sniper/demoman combo, they can hold this for a while.
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This is one fucking top AD map~
Good fun
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yeah cap 3 owns.
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top 5 fav easy
its awesome on offense, not so much on defense, but having a dustbowl style map favour offense is different. forces the caps to be fast because you know you're not going to hold in defense
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