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Team Fortress Classic
Map Type
Capture the Flag
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by Ruger
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Originally Posted by Ruger
Just a little map i made to get thru some boredum, its got a 2fort/ss_nyx feel about it. Main feature being a big mad drop thingy where ye can fall down on to the flag or get owned in the face by sgs.

feedback here or to me on Qnet irc #[Tsk] plz

check dis schit
Originally Posted by fallen_b1 review
This map really is 2fort on drugs... with some sort of weird sexual relationship with ss_nyx_ectfc and is probably the love child of the two through incest. But wow, its a pretty rad map [IMG]images/smilies/biggrin.gif[/IMG].

Leaving the base and entering the yard, theres a bridge over some sewer type water. Offense can either attack via main / balcony / water entrance. Going main puts the offense at the bottom of a large ramp with the option of going up the ramp and landing on the flag. Otherwise the offense can go via the spiral, down a HUGE spiral I should say, and enter the basement.

Back to the water entrance first though.. offense can take this and come out at bottom ramp or take a slow route through a series of pipes that comes out in the basement (ideal for spies - but very slow entrance).

The defense setup would probably be (havnt played this in a match yet):
  • hwguy or soldier main ramp
  • soldier bottom spiral
  • soldier or hwguy flag room
  • engineer flagroom
There are some nice slides for offense, some resups for defense, and potential for some wicked moves/mids. Concing in and out via main ramp would be great to see, but definately not easy as its a pretty big drop [IMG]images/smilies/biggrin.gif[/IMG].

This map is from the maker of voltage/voltage_l/voltage2_b1 ~

Changes from fallen_b1:
  • wider midmap bridge
  • green shit sprayer turned down to drip for choke reasons
  • roof sentry moved in lower resup
  • other small changes..
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but the green shit made the map !
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made it chokey
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theres a few still dropping down, not as many though ;o
11:17 PM - yuri: vr are better than d because d dont play matches
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i've fallen for this map
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one of your worst krinks :<
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sounds like my kind of map
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I like it, cant wait to play it in a match
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Me and my friends have been 2v2ing/3v3ing this like 3-4 times a day,we love it lol. we 2v2 a bunch of rediculous maps though,it keeps the game more interesting,like pitfall,scorpius_b2,ceasefire,and a bunch more .

gj on the map, if you are making a b3 add teleporters lol its a pain to get from bottom to top
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