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Team Fortress 2
Map Type
Capture the Documents
Ideal Team Size
by Sniper
This map is considered a BETA. Keep an eye out for the final version!
Differences from ctf_turbine:
1. Added one new way from center to lobby.
2. Modified exit from pipe.
3. Pipe is now wider and higher.
4. Modified ceiling in the intelligence room.
5. Modified stairs the center.
6. Added small ammo packages in center.
7. Near the respawn room there are small ammo and health packages.
8. Modified the window in lobby.
9. Modified map lighting.
10. Now you can walk around the generator under the ladder in the center.
11. The distant fence in the intelligence was removed, so the area was increased.

1. Now you will not touch the lamps in pipe and will not slow down when you walk in pipe and lean on one side of it.
2. The turbine sound is now more quiet.
3. The gas balloon in the passage to blue lobby is now a material (so no sneaky traps now demomans).
4. Removed the flattening in angles (near health pack) in lobbys.

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looks ace
11:17 PM - yuri: vr are better than d because d dont play matches
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looks interesting, would be cool in a koth style
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5cp imo, extend it further
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Ctf is a terrible idea for tf2, its too slow paced. It needs to be convereted to CP.
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Originally Posted by geomanis View Post
Ctf is a terrible idea for tf2, its too slow paced. It needs to be convereted to CP.
All leagues made CTF gameplay more faster.

European ESL rules (most popular): "ctf_turbine will be played with mp_timelimit 10 and mp_winlimit 5. It's played as best-of-three".

European ETF2L rules about CTF maps: "5 captures win a round. 2 rounds wins the map. Map timelimit is 30". So it's played as best-of-three too.

US ESEA rules: "For a capture the flag map, each match will consist of two 20 minute halves. After both halves the team with the most captures wins".
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