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Team Fortress 2
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Control Points
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by h3r1n6
This map is considered a BETA. Keep an eye out for the final version!

Runthrough, demo rollout and solly rollout







I want it to have faster rounds, so the team winning the midfight should have a decent advantage and good possibilities for pushing. However, it should also be possible to defend 2nd and last and to push out of those, so comebacks in rounds are possible (and the points that are not mid aren't pointless). Pretty much like badlands, which is a huge inspiration for this map. Actualy, pretty much like 5cp should play.

As for classes, main design is focussed on scout soldier and demoman. A good deal of vertical space to rocket/sticky jump, shortcuts and ways to flank for scouts.

I didn't design the map with a specific way of playing it (your heavies push this way, while the scouts hold that way) in mind, I rather focussed on making it play well, and giving a couple of options, which the players then should utilize into a way of playing the map.

Mid has a split up capture zone, which means you can cap on the platforms next to the tower in the middle. I designed it so it rewards aggression and taking hold of the cap zones, which should make it play well.

Second as a tower is for having vertical play. It is easy for the attackers to get on, but it only caps slightly faster than mid, and its easy to force them off again.

Last is split between 2 height levels basically, and forcing the defenders down on the point is a key aspect of attacking.


-redesigned the rock walls on mid
-lowered platforms on mid
-made the small balcony on last useable
-reskinned last to make it more shiny and less gritty
-reskinned house in order to differentiate between red and blue side
-a couple of small adjustements that I am too lazy to list

(Snipers are now really potent at mid. Will have to see if anything needs to be done.)

-quite some more geometry/detailing
-more optimizing (framerate wise, need to cut down on visleafs now), frames on the map should be a lot higher now
-added a simple 3d skybox
-added soundscapes and light fog

-started optimizing the map
-some more detailing
-some more clipping

-completely rebuilt the lobbies
-flanking path right of 2nd now only has 1 entrance into lobby
-improved player clipping

-some changes to house in dimensions and geometry, making it less choky and more interesting
-made the stack of crates on 2nd climbable
-more detailing, more useage of construction theme

-changed dimensions of house a bit
-added a small ammo on house at 2nd
-fixed a few bugs
-mainly detailing of last and lobbies

-mainly just detailing, started using the construction theme a bit
-added gong sound after capturing a point
-fixed a bug with the windows on mid
-fixed a few visual bugs

-moved low ground to the left of last (defender pov) up a bit
-2nd caps a bit faster
-reverted respawn times back to normal, -3 seconds on capping 4th
-more details
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Thanks for keeping this updated, I am quite lazy with that

And I might hide a picture somewhere.
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Snipers are potent on mid:
+ Good horizontal space.
+ High chance of first blows from soldiers and demomen.
+ Conflict over rollout makes strategy more interesting.

- Midfight has a random factor.
- Lack of scouts mean that the flanks become underused.
- KotH style midpoint is good, but needs to be less edgy.
- Snipers will have to change class by last and maybe 2nd point.
- Healthpacks nearby the sniper's points are VERY BAD.

Still a good map!
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